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JR Sheridan is the author of the "Facts of Life" Series of Novels and Novellas about Dan Richards - “A battle hardened Royal Marine’s journey of redemption and adventure in civilian life.”




Facts of Life Series - Book 1 - Splinter


ISBN-13:9 78-1491042052


Medically discharged from the Royal Marines after a bomb blast in Afghan, Colour Sergeant Dan Richards returns to his Grandfather’s village on the North Wales coast to tend his wounds and forget the death and destruction in his past.


Three years later he is living a simple locked down life working as a fisherman. Defending his friend from an attack by a vicious thug dislodges the dark splinter in his soul. Dan’s senses reawaken to his surroundings and the improved potential for his future.


Asked to take on a new job as a bouncer in the local harbour town he protects customers, deals with drunken idiots and small time local gangsters. After what he has seen in battle they are no threat.


Has life passed him by or does he have one last shot at redemption?


“With plenty of sex and violence to drive the plot forward, JR Sheridan’s debut novel gives a fresh perspective on the trials and tribulations of a combat veteran’s

readjustments to survive in civilian life.”     Contains Adult Themes

Dragon: A Facts of Life Series Novella

(Facts of Life Series - A Dan Richards Adventure) [Kindle Edition]

ISBN 978-0-9927067-2-2

A novella - It is 1990, Dan Richards, the hero of Splinter, is a young Royal Marine seeing the highlife in his anti smuggling posting to the buzzing colony of Hong Kong. He's young, fit, care free, doing a job he loves, living in one of the world's great cities and he has found a girl to share it with. What could possibly go wrong? Dragon is a story of Hong Kong in the run up to 1997. Life goes on but the shadow of the handover to Chines rule is looming.


Dan Richards rubs against Expats lifestyles and Triad Gangs. This is a tale of a serviceman's life. It is gritty in parts but that is a fact life. Contains Adult Themes

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