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The Facts of Life Series following the adventures of ex-Royal Marine Colour Sergeant Dan Richards are rapidly becoming a readers favourite.


Dan Richards is an ex-Royal Marine Sergeant who was wounded in Afghanistan and whose cumulative experiences in other war zones has left him psychologically damaged.

The story starts with him living an emotionally closed down life in a quiet village on the North Wales Coast, where he works as a fisherman. While delivering their catch in a (composite) North Wales harbour town, his friend is involved in a violent argument and Dan rescues him using violence himself.


This action dislodges something inside him (the splinter of the title) that allows him a more positive outlook on moving forward with his life. As he pulls himself out of his depression his oultlook broadens and he begins to function in civilian life once again. This even opens him up to the possibility of finding love amidst the backdrop of a Welsh community surviving the recession and the pressures of modern life.  
SPLINTER Contains Adult Themes


Personal Space - Coming Soon


Book 2 of the Facts of Life Series.

Dragon - A Novella 

A story from Dan's early career - In 1991 Corporal Dan Richards is in Hong Kong attached to the Anti-Smuggling Task Force. He is having a blast, driving fast pursuit craft after villains and living in the heart of one of the worlds great cities. He has a sexy girlfriend and Hong Kong is a good place to party. Until he is dragged into the world of Triads, drugs and dodgy Bars.


Dragon - Contains Adult Themes

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