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JR Sheridan is an indepenent author who has written the Facts of Life Series following the adventures of ex-Royal Marine Colour Sergeant Dan Richards. The books are rapidly becoming a readers favourite.



 James Sheridan has had a very full life and career. Growing up in Liverpool It had always been his ambition to join the armed forces but after leaving school in 1989 he went travelling. He planned to be away for 2 or 3 months but after landing in Hong Kong he played rugby, found a job moving furniture and working as a bouncer in the Lan Kwai Fong bar area. The couple of months turned into two years and he had a blast.



On returning to the UK in 1991 he joined a small family business in Liverpool and stayed for 15 years developing the product and customer base and rising as the company grew successfully to become sales and marketing director. In 2005 he won the Liverpool Echo Young Businessman of the Year Award for his work in developing the company to become the UK market leader and respected around the world. This story is to be told in “Tales from a Niche Market” (To be published in 2014) 


In 2007 and tired of the constant slog of travelling he made a lifestyle choice to give up his career as Sales Director and live with his wife in the North West corner of Wales on the beautiful Island of Anglesey. Unable to find a job he invested his life savings into buying a hotel, restaurant and pub business in the most Northerly village in Wales. He arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed in the Spring of 2007. This was the year that the smoking ban came into effect in Wales, the first alarm bells ringing out the new phrase of “Credit Crunch” and a record breaking summer of rain. Mixed with a poor reputation for the hotel , uncertainty over the local economy this was the perfect storm for the hospitality industry. The journey lasted 4 summers before escaping in Autumn 2010. This story is to be told in Ten Thousand Bottles (to be published late 2013) 


Coming out of the hotel industry battered and bruised and told he was unemployable. He decided to stay in North Wales and take a different life path. After being told he was “unemployable” by a business headhunter he forged his own path with Sales and Marketing projects and by going back into his old job of Bouncer  with the new title of Door Supervisor. This part time role had allowed him to stay in beautiful North Wales and work on projects and to write books both in fiction and non-fiction. Working the doors has given plenty of material for an aspiring writer and the “Facts of Life” series of books uses aspects of the many characters that he has encountered along the way. 




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